Corona recipe clone

Corona Lager (CLONE)

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Originally from Mexico, Corona is now famous all over the world for its refreshing, crisp and smooth taste. It’s a great easy drinking beer and a standard at summer time parties. Garnish your Corona beer traditionally with a lime or lemon wedge to heighten the citrus aromas and flavours.

20 Litre Batch
Est Alc 4.7%
Est IBU 20
Est SG 1.042
Est FG 1.008

1.75 kg Aus Pilsner grain
750g Aus Pale Ale grain
750g Wheat grain
750g Flaked Rice (Rolled Rice) or Flaked Maize

Combine 20 litres of 70°C water (strike temp) and the malts in your grain bag inside your urn or pot. Rest at 66°C for 60mins. Sparge with 10 litres of 80°C water in a bucket for 10 minutes and return sparged wort to the urn making a final boil volume of 26 litres.

25g Hallertau hop pellets (5.2%AA) – For Bittering (60min – 18.6 IBU)
1 tsp Irish moss or Whirl Floc – (boil for 15min)
15g Saaz hop pellets (3.5%AA) – (2min – 1.3 IBU)

Cool the wort and ferment as close as possible to 14°C Preferably with White Labs WLP940 – Mexican Lager Yeast or Wyeast – 2308 MUNICH LAGER and Yeast Nutrient.