Big Boys Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is such a refreshing drink, not only is it a fresh change from beer but you can also add a shot of rum and make a dark and stormy. This recipe adds a few more ingredients than the usual ginger beer making it a real little puncher!

Ginger Beer kit/can.
1kg Raw or Brown sugar
1kg light liquid malt.
1 Dry enzyme packet.
5gr kaffir lime leaves
dry or fresh chili to taste* (optional)

1. Bring 1 litre of water to the boil and add the kaffir lime leaves and optional dry chili, if using fresh chili see note below, simmer for 10mins.
2. Strain this liquid into a fermenter and add ingredients from the ginger beer kit, sugar and light liquid malt. Stir well.
3. Fill the fermenter to 23 liters with cold water to achieve a temperature of roughly 25c.
5. Sprinkle the dry enzyme and yeast sachet stirring vigorously with the intention of introducing as much oxygen into the liquid as possible.
6. Seal fermenter and fit the airlock.

*If using fresh chili, instead of adding them in step 1, drop them into the fermenter on the 3rd day of fermentation.

**With the extra kilo of malt in this recipe and the dry enzyme, fermentation may take a little longer, SG should be approx. 1.030 and FG approx. 1.005, use a hydrometer to determine when fermentation has completed.

***Add a dry chilli in each bottle for a really big hit of spice!