Bugalugs Dark Ale

A robust dark ale with a complex malt backbone

20 Litre Batch
BIAB – All Grain
Est. ABV: 5.2%
Est. IBU’s: 30
Est. SG: 1.048
Est. FG: 1.010

3.4 kg Ale
1 kg Dark Munich
300g CaraRed
100g Special B
100g Carafa Special 3
Combine 20 litres of 71°C water (strike temp) and the malts in your grain bag inside your urn or pot. Rest at 67°C for 60mins. Sparge with 10 litres of 80°C water in a bucket for 10 minutes and return sparged wort to the urn or pot to make a pre-boil volume of approximately 26 litres.

HOPS FOR THE BOIL (60 minute total):
20g Motueka (7.5% AA) (60min boil)
20g Cascade (6.8% AA), and 20g Motueka (7.5% AA) (20min boil)
1tsp Irish Moss/Whirlfloc (10min boil)
20g Cascade (6.8% AA), and 20g Motueka (7.5% AA) (1min boil)

Cool the wort and aerate well. Start fermentation as close as possible to 18°C*, preferably with Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley Ale, Safale S-04, or Mangrove Jack’s M36 Liberty Bell Ale yeast. On the 5th day of fermentation dry hop with 20g Cascade hops for 5 days.