Burnt Honey Mead (Bochet)

The Bochet is a beautifully rich dark mead. The flavor is unique, with spices abounding, and a slightly bitter, almost tannic element.

1.5kg of Honey
3 litres of water
4g Yeast nutrient
2.5g of Mangrove Jack’s M05 Mead or SN9 Yeast.

1. Add honey to a pot. Do not add water. Gently boil until it has turned quite dark and tastes caramelised (take care as honey tends to boil over rapidly). Remove from heat.
2. Add 3 litres of water and blend until the honey is fully dissolved.
3. Add this honey and water mixture to your sterile demijohn and aerate extremely well and dissolve yeast nutrient.
4. When temperature is below 30.0° C add yeast.
5. Bochet is best fermented between 21–24°C. Ferment until air lock activity is very low; this may take three weeks to three months.
6. When fermentation has completed, place the demijohn in the fridge for 24 hours to hasten sediment dropping out.
7. Siphon the mead into another sterilised demijohn being careful to leave all sediment behind.
8. Fit a solid bung and allow enough time for the mead to further clarify before siphoning off and bottling.

Best after 50 years, but worth indulging in when you and the mead are ready.