Intensely IPA

Intense IPA recipe

A ‘hop bomb’ session IPA. Intense hop aromas and flavors of melon, citrus, spicy hops, and dank earthy hops. Dry finish with high hop bitterness. A hop-bursted IPA with a massive amount of late-hopping additions to maximise flavor, and dry hopping for intense hop aromatics.
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Mountain Goat Steam Ale CLONE

mountain goat steam beer recipe clone

Steam beers were originally lagers brewed at the warmer ale temperatures, aiming to deliver the best of both worlds. This recipe uses an ale yeast but brewed cooler, arriving at the same place but via a different route. Something just a little different.
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Mosaic Golden Ale

mosaic hop recipe clone

A single hop beer to highlight the Mosaic hop. Mosaic is most noted for its “berry medley” aromas, other descriptors used include mango, stone fruit, citrus, grassy, pine, earthy, herbal, spice. It’s a complicated hop variety and lives up to its name well.
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