Arrogant Bastard CLONE

arrogant bastard ale beer recipe clone

You won’t like this recipe because you won’t like the beer that this recipe will produce, it is quite doubtful that you have the taste or sophistication to be able to appreciate an ale of this quality and depth. And now that you know this, why don’t you go right ahead and make this beer, just to prove me wrong you arrogant bastard.
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Classic Belgian Golden Ale

belgian tripel recipe clone

A clean-tasting beer, low in phenolic astringency, full-bodied and effervescent. When you poor a Belgian golden, always use a larger glass than you may think you need to allow for the beautiful foamy head. The beer is surprisingly easy-drinking and refreshing. The beer’s bouquet and finish are slightly spicy, aromatic.
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Bridge Road Chevalier Saison CLONE

chevalier saison beer recipe clone

This clone recipe was created by Bridge Road Founder, Ben Krause himself. This beer is quite unique, light straw in colour, with a tight bright white head. Aromas are dominated by esters and phenolic characters, owing to the Saison yeast strain, which also gives the beer its characteristic tart, dry and acidic profile.
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