Classic Belgian Dark Strong Ale

A traditional abbey-style Belgian ale with a thick mouth-feel, rich and complex flavour, and warming finish.

20 Litre Batch
Mash Tun – All Grain
Est. ABV: 8%
Est. IBU’s: 21
Est. SG: 1.074
Est. FG: 1.012

5kg German Pilsner
450g Aurora or Aromatic malt
300g Flaked Oats or Rolled Barley
40g Chocolate
500g Dark Belgian Candi Syrup (for the boil)

Combine 20 litres of 73°C water (strike temp) and the malts in the Mash-Tun. Rest at 68°C for 60mins. Add 7.5 litres of boiling water to raise to 75°C and rest for 20 minutes. Recirculate and run-off. Sparge with an additional 5 litres of 75°C water.

HOPS FOR THE BOIL (60 minute total):
35g Styrian Goldings (5.2% AA) (60min boil)
10g Styrian Goldings (5.2% AA) (10min boil)
1tsp Irish Moss/Whirlfloc (10min boil)
500g Dark Belgian Candi Syrup (0min boil)

Cool the wort and aerate well. Start fermentation as close as possible to 20°C, preferably with Wyeast 1762 Belgian Abbey II, or Mangrove Jack’s M31 Belgian Tripel yeast. Optionally allow temperature to rise slightly over the course of fermentation to encourage ester production.