Classic German Hefeweizen

A south German style of wheat beer (weissbier). Expect unique flavours of banana and cloves, you also may taste fruit, banana, clove and vanilla flavors. This traditional German hefeweizens remains true to form and has minimal hop flavour.

20 Litre Batch
BIAB – All Grain
Est. ABV: 5.3%
Est. IBU’s: 16
Est. SG: 1.051
Est. FG: 1.010

1.5 kg German Pilsner
3 kg Wheat
500g Vienna
Combine 20 litres of 71°C water (strike temp) and the malts in your grain bag inside your urn or pot. Rest at 66°C for 60mins. Sparge with 10 litres of 80°C water in a bucket for 10 minutes and return sparged wort to the urn or pot to make a pre-boil volume of approximately 26 litres.

HOPS FOR THE BOIL (60 minute total):
40g Hersbrucker (2.5% AA) (60min boil)
1tsp Irish Moss/Whirlfloc (10min boil)
20g Hersbrucker (2.5% AA) (10min boil)
Cool the wort and aerate well. Start fermentation as close as possible to 22°C, preferably with Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan, Safale WB-06, or Mangrove Jack’s M20 Bavarian Wheat yeast.