Classic Vienna lager

Malt flavors come first with a delicate and complex toastiness. Hops give balance to the malt with just enough bitterness and slightly spicy. Clean lager character; no phenols or esters. Finish will be somewhat dry and crisp with both the malt and hop bitterness remaining noticeable into the aftertaste.

23 Litre Batch
Est Alc: 4.8%
Est IBU’s: 22
Est SG: 1.045
Est FG: 1.010

1.75 kg German Pilsner grain
1 kg Vienna grain
1.5 kg Dark Munich grain
150g CaraMunich Malt grain
To Infuse grain use 12 litres of 70°C water (strike temp).
Combine 20 litres of 70°C water (strike temp) and the malts in your grain bag inside your urn or pot. Rest at 65°C for 60mins. Sparge with 10 litres of 75°C water in a bucket for 10 minutes and return sparged wort to the urn making a final boil volume of 26 litres.

30g Styrian hop pellets (5%AA) – For Bittering (Boil for 60min)
1 tsp Irish moss or Whirl Floc – (boil for 15min)
15g Saaz hop pellets (2.9 % AA) – For Aroma (Boil for 2min)

Cool the wort and ferment as close as possible to 12°C Preferably with White Labs WLP833 – German Bock Lager Yeast