Hoegaarden White CLONE

Hoegaarden White is a popular Belgian wheat beer that’s big on flavour, with subtle hints of coriander and orange for a crisp, fruity flavour and distinctive aroma.

23 Litre Batch
Mash Tun – All Grain
Est Alc 5.2%
Est IBU’s 33
Est SG: 1.056
Est FG: 1.010

1.5kg German Pilsner grain
1kg Wheat grain
1kg RAW Wheat grain
500g Flaked Oats (Rolled Oats)

Use 12 litres of strike water add the grain to produce a mash at 68C. Maintain 64C for 45min then 30min @ 66° C, 20min @ 72°C.Recirculate until clear and run off.

30g Styrian Goldings (Boil 60min)
1 Whirlfloc tablet (Boil 15min)
20g Coriander seed (Boil 10min)
20g Orange peel (Boil 10min)
Put the coriander seeds in a paper bag and thump them a few times with a rolling pin (or forehead) to get them all crushed. They will add a lot of orange flavour and aroma, at least as much as the orange peel.

Drop in the fermenter. Allow to cool or use a plate chiller. Pitch the Wyeast 3944 Belgian Witbier yeast and ferment at 18-20 degrees for the best result. Allow up to two weeks for fermentation.