Irish Milk Stout

A full-bodied stout with a velvety mouthfeel. Bursting with aromas of roasted malt and chocolate. Marrying the deep roast characteristics of dark malts with lactose sugar results in a unique stout with a subtle sweetness. Slight hints of caramel toffee are balanced by a subtle bitterness.

MJ Craft Series Roasted Stout
1kg Light Dried Malt
150g Roast Barley malt
150g Chocolate malt
300g Lactose
15g Fuggles Hops

1. Well in advance of preparing recipe, place 5-10 litres of water in closed containers in a fridge and chill
2. Place Roast Barley, Chocolate malt grains and 1 litre of hot tap water in a pot for 30 minutes
3. Strain the grain into saucepan and rinse sieve through with 1 litre of hot water.
4. Bring wort to boil, add hops and boil for 5-10 minutes.
5. Place Malt, Lactose and Roasted Stout satchel in Fermenter.
6. Add hot wort to fermenter after rinsing the satchel.
7. Add chilled water to make up 23 litres at 20-25°C and stir vigorously.
9. Add the yeast from the satchel, seal fermenter and store in cool conditions