Little Creatures Rogers’ Amber Ale CLONE

Light, citrus hop notes lay on top of roasted hazelnut, toffee and caramel malt flavours. This easy-drinking Ale is velvety smooth and reminiscent of a fine English ale.

Morgans ‘Royal Oak’ Amber Ale
500g Light Dried Malt
300g CaraRed/Redback malt grain
150g Biscuit malt grain
20g Amarillo Hop Pellets
15g Cascade Hops
Safale S-04 Yeast

1. In advance, chill 5 litres of water in closed, sterilised containers in a fridge.
2. Steep malt grain in bowl with 1 litre hot tap water for 20 minutes, strain and add liquid to saucepan. Rinse grain with another 1 litre into saucepan.
3. Add Amarillo Hops to liquid in saucepan and boil the liquid for 10 min. Turn off heat.
4. Add the Cascade hop bag and steep for 10 minutes, then pour liquid into fermenter. (Keep the hop bag aside)
5. Add Amber Ale and Light Dried Malt to fermenter. Use grain wort to rinse can. Pour remaining wort into the fermenter. Mix well to dissolve.
6. Add chilled & tap water to make up 23 litres at below 24°C and stir vigorously.
7. Sprinkle Safale Yeast onto foamy surface. Tip in the Cascade Hop bag then seal fermenter and store in cool conditions