Moonlight Meadery Desire Melome CLONE

An enticing, complex blend of blueberries, black cherries, and black currants balanced with the basic elements of mead: honey, water, and yeast.

20L Batch
8.2 kg Wildflower Honey
4.7 L *Black Currant Juice
4.7 L *Black Cherry Juice
3.8 L *Blueberry Juice
1 pkt MJ M05 Mead Yeast
1 pkt yeast nutrient
*Use fresh juice that does NOT contain any preservatives.

1. Combine honey, juices and yeast nutrient with enough water to bring total volume to 20 Litres.
2. Mix well and Pitch yeast.
3. Ferment between 20c and 30c, lower fermentation temperatures will result in extended fermentation times. Warmer fermentation temps will result in stronger, more intense flavours.
4. After fermentation has completed, transfer mead to another vessel trying to leave as much sediment behind as possible, let sit for 1 week approx.
5. After 1 week transfer to bottles, once again leaving as much sediment behind as possible, chill and enjoy.