Pink Lemonade

Similar to hard lemonade but with a pink hue, the pink hue is achieved with the addition of strawberries which not only add colour but also extra flavour.

15 to 20 lemons, chopped finely and include peel
50g grated ginger
5g Mint leaves
200g strawberries* frozen
2kg dextrose
500g lactose (vary to taste)
5g yeast nutrient
10g cider or champagne yeast

1. Add dextrose, lemons, ginger, mint leaves and lactose to 5 litres of hot water and simmer for 25 minutes.
2. Pour 10 litres of cold water into your fermenter then pour in the hot mixture through a sieve or straining bag.
3. Stir and top up with cold water to make 23 litres. Add yeast and nutrient when temperature is around 25°C.
4. Fit fermenter lid and airlock. After 4 days open fermenter and add strawberries*.
5. After 1 week check gravity using hydrometer, once gravity is stable for 2 consecutive days bottle using 2 tsp sugar per 750ml bottle. Let the bottles condition in a cool, dark position for at least a couple of weeks.

*You can vary this recipe by substituting out or combining the strawberries with other red fruits such as cherries, raspberries, red grapefruit, red grapes or cranberries.