Real Limoncello recipe

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur. Served chilled after dinner in a small glass, it wakes up your senses with it’s clean and refreshing flavor.

Makes 2.25 Litres

1 Litre Neutral spirit 80%-95%
14 Lemons
1kg Sugar
1 Litre Water

Additional Equipment:
4ltr jar with tight-fitting lid
kitchen strainer
Filter wool

1. Using a potato peeler remove the rind from the lemons – avoiding any pith, put the rind and the neutral spirit into a jar with lid for 7-10 days.
2. When lemon mixture is ready, dissolve 1 kg sugar in 1 Litre of water, heating the water will help to dissolve the sugar. Once dissolved pour half into a 1.125 litre bottle and the remaining half into another
1.125 litre bottle.
3. Strain the lemon rinds from the spirit using a fine mesh kitchen strainer, then using a
large funnel, pack a little bit of filter wool into the funnel stem and refilter into the bottles with the sugar mixture. Mix well.