Shantel’s Black Forest Ale

Dark chocolate, raspberries and oak flavours, a rich, dark ale that is a little bit different and a little bit special. Embrace and saviour this one on those dark winter nights.

Mangrove Jack Tyneside Brown Ale
500g Chocolate malt grain
1kg Stout Combo
Caramunich malt grain
400g raspberries, fresh or frozen
40g French Complex Oak chips
15g Willamette Hops
Safale US-04 Yeast

1. In a bowl, add the grain with approx 2Lt hot tap water and mix well. Steep for 20 minutes.
2. After steeping, pour the grain and liquid through a strainer and collect the liquid in a saucepan.
3. Rinse the grain with approx 1lt of hot water and collect the liquid in the saucepan. Discard the grain.
4. Bring resulting liquid to the boil for approx 5 minutes. After boiling for 5 minutes, turn the heat off and add the Willamette Hop Bag to saucepan. Allow to sit for a further 10 minutes.
5. Pour the Tyneside Brown Ale and hot grain wort into fermenter. Use the grain wort to rinse out the tin.
6. Add stout combo, stir to dissolve.
7. For bottlers, place the sanitized oak in a hop sock in the fermenter.
8. Add your fridge-cold water to fermenter, and top up to 22 lt with tap water. Stir well.
9. Sprinkle S-04 yeast onto the surface of the liquid. Ferment at 20 degrees.
10. For bottlers, add the frozen raspberries to the fermenter after day 4 or 5 of fermentation, or after you have racked your beer into a settling cube. Chill the fermenter/cube down to 4 degrees for approx 4 days or until you’re happy with the flavour.
11. If you’re kegging, put the frozen raspberries into a Hop Boiling Bag, place in into the keg and tie the bag onto the dip tube at the top. Place the sanitized oak into another Hop Boiling Bag and also tie off in the keg. Remove the bags once you are happy with the flavor.