Single Malt extract whiskey

Using liquid malt extracts, we can create a smooth, sweet whiskey with hints of vanilla, oak and lingering honey notes.

3kg Liquid Amber Malt
5kg Dextrose
20g American toasted oak
1 packet Whiskey distillers yeast

1. Add 3L of hot water to a sterilised 30L fermenter, add the 3kg amber malt and 5kg dextrose. Stir well to dissolve.
2. Top up with tap water to 25L, try to achieve a starting temperature of 20c. Add yeast and stir well.
3. Ferment for about a week, keeping the temperature around 25c.
4. Once fermentation has completed, leave for a further week to allow sediment to drop out.
5. Transfer to pot still boiler, leaving behind as much sediment as possible.
6. Distil as per usual, doing a stripping and cuts run.
7. Collect the best cuts and dilute (if necessary) to 40% ABV.
8. Soak this spirit on the oak chips for about 1 week or to taste.
9. Strain the whiskey into bottles and age in a cool dark place. The longer the whiskey can age the smoother it will become.