Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum Original (6.2%) CLONE

An American style lager beer based on the regular Tooheys extra dry but with an extra dose of fermentable sugar to give this beer a higher than average alcohol kick. Drink with caution, it’s a real party starter!

1 Lager based fresh wort kit
1kg Brew Booster
Dry Enzyme
15g Cluster Hops
2 x Saflager S-23 (12°C) or 2 x MJ M54 Californian Lager (20°C)

1. Well in advance, place 5 litres of clean water in a fridge and chill. *Chill fresh wort drum instead if using s-23 yeast.
2. Place Cluster Hops in a hop sock and steep in a cup with 250mls of boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes.
3. Pour hops liquid and fresh wort into the fermenter. Place hop sock to one side for later.
5. If using S-23, add water to make up 20 litres at 12°C or use chilled water to reach 20°C if using M54.
6. Sprinkle in Yeast and Dry Enzyme.
7. Stir vigorously for 5 minutes. Place hop bag into fermenter.
8. Seal fermenter and place in a cool spot and reduce temperature to 12°C if using S-23 or 20°C if using M54.
9. On the 4th day of fermentation, open fermenter and add the 1kg of Brew Booster. Reseal fermenter, keep temperature constant until fermentation is finished.
10. Bottle when Specific Gravity stabilises – Note use of Dry Enzymes may extend fermentation time.