TRUE Ouzo recipe

Ouzo is a dry anise-flavoured aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon and Israel. It is produced using a unique blend of aromatic seeds and herbs

2.5L of neutral white spirit @ 45%
50g star anise
1 stick cinnamon
3 cardamom pods
pinch of white and black pepper
2 sprigs fresh fennel
half a nutmeg, cracked
4 cloves

1. Place all of the ingredients into your boiler, top up with water and distil as per usual (using a pot still or an unpacked reflux).
2. Remove the first 100ml of heads and monitor the output, when output becomes cloudy, the process is complete.
3. Dilute spirit down to 45% with clean water and enjoy.

Note: If the spirit becomes cloudy after dilution, your product will contain a lot of flavour oils (not a bad thing), you can either re-distil which will remove the oils (losing some flavour) or use some undiluted neutral spirit to raise the alcohol content above 50%, the spirit should then stay clear.