XXXX Summer Bright CLONE

A light, crisp Lager with a mild bitterness for an easy drinking summertime beer. Using a dry enzyme with this recipe will ensure a dry, crisp finish.

Mangrove Jack’s Classic Blonde
500g Light Dried Malt
300g Carapils Grain malt
M54 Californian Lager yeast
Dry Enzyme

1. The day before brewing, refrigerate 6 ltrs of water in sterilised closed containers.
2. Steep carapils Grain in hot tap water for 15mins. Pour through a strainer, collecting only the liquid into a saucepan and bring to the boil.
3. Boil for 5mins, then tip into fermenter.
4. Tip the Light Dried Malt and Classic Blonde beer kit into fermenter and stir well.
5. Rinse the can with boiling water, add to fermenter, and stir well.
6. Add the 6 liters chilled water, then add enough tap water (preferably filtered) to make up to 23 litres.
7. Sprinkle yeast and Dry Enzyme onto surface of liquid, close lid, and fit airlock.
8. Brew at 20c or as close as possible.
9. Bottle when Specific Gravity stabilises – Note use of Dry Enzymes may extend fermentation time.