Guinness Stout CLONE

guinness recipe clone

The World’s Most Famous Stout. The crisp hint of roasted barley, the fresh breeze of hops and that refreshing bite. Nothing compares to a Guinness.
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English Brown Ale

London bitter recipe clone

English brown ale is a flavorful, malt-focused beer with hints of nuttiness, biscuit, and caramel. It features gentle malt sweetness in an overall balanced beer.
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Smoked Dark Ale

chili dark ale beer recipe clone

A dark ale with a subtle smokey flavour and a slight chilli bite. Something to warm you up on the cold winter days.
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Bugalugs Dark Ale

austrian amber lager beer recipe clone

A robust dark ale with a complex malt backbone, paired with the classic hops cascade and a New Zealand varietal, motueka.
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Classic RoggenBier (Rye Beer)

rye roggenbier beer recipe clone

Rye adds a spicy quality that is totally unique and hard to beat. It can be used as a base malt, and is most traditionally found in RoggenBier – a dark german Weizen ale, where rye is used instead of wheat.
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Leffe Brune CLONE

leffe brune dark ale beer recipe clone

Leffe Brown is an authentic abbey beer. Both its deep, dark brown colour and its full, slightly sweet flavour can be ascribed to the use of darkly roasted malt, making every sip just as exceptional as the last.
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Dark Penance Black IPA

founders dark penance dark ale beer recipe clone

Malt includes Crystal malt for sweetness and just dark malt to push the color to black. The bitterness is apparent, but balanced by sweetness and alcohol warmth. Hop flavors/aromas range from citrus, floral to pine due to the Chinook and Centennial hops.
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