Stella Artois CLONE

Stella Artois recipe clone

One of the worlds most popular beers. Light golden in colour, Stella is a full flavoured premium lager which has fantastic bitterness provided from the Saaz hops blend coupled with sweet biscuity notes from the malt.
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Buzz Wheat Lager

honey beer recipe

A crisp, dry wheat lager with a big hit of honey. The winning combination of honey and citra hops come together to create a thoroughly refreshing beer, best consumed ice cold and in multiples!
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Great Northern Dry CLONE

great northern dry crisp recipe clone

Designed with an easy going lifestyle in mind, with its fruity aroma, subtle bitterness, crisp palate and refreshingly dry finish, a very popular session beer.
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XXXX gold fourex recipe clone

One of Australia’s most popular beers, in fact these “Milton Mangoes” are an institution up in QLD. It has a mild hoppy taste with a subtle sweet flavour. Using a reduced malt content we can maintain a solid body and texture with a reduced alcohol content.
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xxxx four ex bitter recipe clone

XXXX Bitter is a big-hearted, full flavoured lager. A unique combination of cane sugar, cluster hops and Vienna malt gives a crisp yet bitter lager that quenches a QLD summer thirst so well.
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Bohemian Pilsner

bohemian lager recipe clone

Bohemian-style Pilsener has a spicy hop character and a nice, rich, complex maltiness. Bohemian-style Pilsener usually has a bit more malt sweetness than German-style Pilseners, which helps counter the substantial hop bitterness, making it a more balanced, well-rounded beer.
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Vic Bitter CLONE

VB Victoria Bitter recipe clone

Although this recipe uses a lager yeast it is fermented at 18°C, which is very warm for lager. Why do this? A warm, fast ferment results in more flavour which is a hallmark of VB. Victoria Bitter lives up to its name too. All the hops used are for bittering, not flavour or aroma, all this results in a full flavoured, bitter lager.
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