Fruit Bowl Wheat

Fruit Bowl Wheat beer recipe

A Juicy wheat beer with distinct esters of banana. El Dorado hops deliver pineapple and mango flavours giving this beer a truly fruit bowl aroma and taste.
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Guinness Stout CLONE

guinness recipe clone

The World’s Most Famous Stout. The crisp hint of roasted barley, the fresh breeze of hops and that refreshing bite. Nothing compares to a Guinness.
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Coopers Pale Ale CLONE

coopers pale ale recipe clone

Coopers Pale Ale is a classic Aussie ale, fruity and floral characters, balanced with a crisp bitterness, Coopers Pale Ale has a compelling flavour which is perfect for every occasion
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Citrarillo Extra Pale

pacific citra pale ale beer recipe clone

Reminiscent of the S&W pacific ale, this is an easy drinking pale ale with a refreshing burst of citra hops. Perfect easy drinking beer for a hot Aussie summer.
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