Coopers Pale Ale CLONE

coopers pale ale recipe clone

Coopers Pale Ale is a classic Aussie ale, fruity and floral characters, balanced with a crisp bitterness, Coopers Pale Ale has a compelling flavour which is perfect for every occasion
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Citrarillo Extra Pale

pacific citra pale ale beer recipe clone

Reminiscent of the S&W pacific ale, this is an easy drinking pale ale with a refreshing burst of citra hops. Perfect easy drinking beer for a hot Aussie summer.
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Little Creatures Bright Ale CLONE

little creature bright ale recipe clone

Hoppy, but not too bitter, using Cascade and Motueka to give woody, green and floral notes with a bit of bite. The malt is subtle to balance the hops and keep things refreshing. A truly Australian ale.
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Stone and Wood Pacific Pale Ale CLONE

Stone and Wood Pacific ale recipe clone

Perhaps our most popular recipe, and for good reason. This beer epitomises sitting back with the mates on a lazy sunday afternoon. An easy drinking pale ale that still retains a beautiful hop flavour and aroma thanks to a generous helping of Galaxy hops.
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Classic Belgian Dubbel

belgian dubbel beer recipe clone

The origin of the dubbel was a strong version of a brown beer brewed in Westmalle Abbey in 1856, it is a rich malty beer with some spicy/phenolic and mild alcoholic characteristics. Mild hop bitterness with no lingering hop flavors.
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Black IPA

american stout beer recipe clone

Something a little different? Well what about a Black IPA? A hop forward dark beer, this contentious style is a thoroughly American invention. With this style of beer it’s all about roasty flavours from the malt and fresh fruity flavours from the hops.
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Classic English Pale Ale

english pale ale recipe clone

A true English pale ale, nothing too bold but everything just so. An easy drinking ale, just a neat balance of sweet malty flavour and well rounded bitterness.
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Classic American IPA

IPA recipe clone

The American IPA is more upfront in its hop character than an English equivalent. Hopped with classic combination of Centennial and Simcoe hops to give it floral, earthy and piney characters.
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