Tropical Heat IPA

Tropical Heat IPA recipe

Sweet, fruity and warming, relax yourself into the sweet embrace of this beautiful tropic delight. Packed with fruity hops and a warming, malty finish.
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2Birds Taco Clone

Taco 2 birds clone recipe

A hop forward, Mexicali inspired American ale, brewed with flaked corn, coriander seeds & kaffir lime, its a Tex-Mex party in a beer. The perfect thing to guzzle down whilst enjoying nachos or Burritos.
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Balter XPA Clone

Balter XPA clone recipe

This brew is for those who enjoy an easy to drink, fully-hopped beer. Tropical and floral aromatics set off a fruity palette that will punch your taste buds in the pleasure zone. Voted number 1 Australian beer in 2018.
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Tooheys New Clone

Tooheys recipe clone

First brewed in 1931, it was marketed under the name Tooheys New Special. A standard Australian lager, it is the most popular of the Tooheys’ beers and can be found on tap in almost any bar in NSW.
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Smooth Chocolate Brown Ale

Stout / Porter / Amber recipes

A velvety smooth, rich chocolate brown ale. The cobination of oats, wheat and chocolate malts combined with the subtle spicyness of tettnanger hops make this beer truly classic.
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Barefoot Radler CLONE

Barefoot Radler beer clone recipe

Barefoot Radler is a full strength beer infused with lemons and lime. Radler is the German term for a beer with fruit soda or lemonade. Europeans view this crisp, sweet-tart beverage as essentially a thirst-quenching sports drink!
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Peroni Nastro CLONE

Peroni Nastro beer clone recipe

Nastro Azzurro is Italy’s number one premium beer. Effortlessly stylish, this Mediterranean style lager delivers an unmistakable crisp, refreshing taste and a fine subtle aroma – perfect for warmer climates.
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James Squire Hop Thief 7 CLONE

Hop Thief 7 beer recipe clone

Hop Thief 7 is a beautifully balanced blend of galaxy and mosaic hops that delivers fresh citrus and tropical fruit aromas while retaining subtle earth characteristics and the firm malt backbone.
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fat yak pale ale beer recipe clone

A Matilda Bay brewery classic, a beer credited for introducing many beer drinkers to the craft scene. A distinctive, hop driven, fruity and herbaceous aromas, giving characteristic passionfruit and melon notes, followed by a whack of hop flavour at the finish.
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