Tooheys New Clone

Tooheys recipe clone

First brewed in 1931, it was marketed under the name Tooheys New Special. A standard Australian lager, it is the most popular of the Tooheys’ beers and can be found on tap in almost any bar in NSW.
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Barefoot Radler CLONE

Barefoot Radler beer clone recipe

Barefoot Radler is a full strength beer infused with lemons and lime. Radler is the German term for a beer with fruit soda or lemonade. Europeans view this crisp, sweet-tart beverage as essentially a thirst-quenching sports drink!
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Peroni Nastro CLONE

Peroni Nastro beer clone recipe

Nastro Azzurro is Italy’s number one premium beer. Effortlessly stylish, this Mediterranean style lager delivers an unmistakable crisp, refreshing taste and a fine subtle aroma – perfect for warmer climates.
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Vic Bitter CLONE

VB Victoria Bitter recipe clone

Although this recipe uses a lager yeast it is fermented at 18°C, which is very warm for lager. A warm, fast ferment results in more flavour which is a hallmark of VB. All the hops used are for bittering, not flavour or aroma, all this results in a full flavoured, bitter lager.
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Stella Artois CLONE

Stella Artois recipe clone

One of the worlds most popular beers. Light golden in colour, Stella is a full flavoured premium lager which has fantastic bitterness provided from the Saaz hops blend coupled with sweet biscuity notes from the malt.
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Buzz Wheat Lager

honey beer recipe

A crisp, dry wheat lager with a big hit of honey. The winning combination of honey and citra hops come together to create a thoroughly refreshing beer, best consumed ice cold and in multiples!
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Corona Extra CLONE

Corona recipe clone

Originally from Mexico, Corona is now famous all over the world for its refreshing, crisp and smooth taste. It’s a great easy drinking beer and a standard at summer time parties. Garnish traditionally with a lime or lemon wedge to heighten the citrus aromas and flavours.
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