JD Honey Bourbon

jack daniels honey recipe clone

A winning combination of the classic Jack Daniel bourbon with the sweetness and flavour of honey, enjoy chilled and over ice neat.
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True Jim Beam style Kentucky Whiskey

jim beam recipe clone

Since 1795 (interrupted by Prohibition), seven generations of the Beam family have been involved in whiskey production for the company that produces the brand, which was given the name “Jim Beam” in 1933 in honour of James B. Beam.
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Gentleman Jack CLONE

gentleman jack daniels spirit recipe clone

Gentleman Jack is known as “the smoother side of Jack”. This bourbon is developed to be less intense for a softer, lighter and sweeter flavour. Perfect as a sipping bourbon over ice.
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Wild Turkey CLONE

wild turkey spirit recipe clone

The Wild Turkey brand is said to have arisen after Thomas McCarthy took some warehouse samples on a wild turkey hunting trip in 1940. The bourbon proved so popular among his friends they continued to ask him for “that wild turkey bourbon.” From there a legend was born.
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