Crown Lager CLONE

This beer has a bright golden appearance with a solid creamy head. The fruity aroma transforms to a malty refreshing taste with a smooth, full bodied finish.

Morgans Blue Mountain Lager
1kg Ultrabrew
15g Cluster Hops
300g Caramalt malt
300g Dextrose
Mangrove Jacks Californian lager yeast

1. A day before preparing recipe, place 5 – 10 litres of water in a fridge and chill.
2. Steep the Caramalt grain for 30min in 1 litre of hot tap water (not boiling).
3. Strain the grain through a sieve into to a large saucepan. Rinse grains with a further 500ml of hot water and collect in saucepan as well. Discard the grains.
4. Bring the liquid in the saucepan to the boil, add 15g of Cluster hops and simmer for 10 minutes.
5. Pour contents of saucepan into fermenter and dissolve Blue Mountain Lager, Ultrabrew and dextrose stirring well.
6. Top up fermenter to 23 litres using the cooled water to achieve a temperature of 18-20°C.
7. Stir vigorously for 2 minutes to aerate the wort.
8. Sprinkle the Californian lager yeast into fermenter.
10. Seal and fill airlock and place in a cool spot, keeping temperatures between 18 and 20°C
11. When hydrometer reading is stable for two days, add finings, following directions on finning et.