GF – 4 Malt Lager

Gluten free lager, using 4 different malts, saaz and cascade to produce a very nice, crisp lager.

1.5kg Sorghum Malt Extract
1.0kg Honey
250g Rice Malt Extract
250g Maltodextrin
15g Saaz -boil 60 mins
20g Cascade -boil 10 mins
20g Saaz -boil 0 mins
½tsp Yeast Nutrient
Saflager S23

1. The day before brewing chill 5 litres of water.
2. Bring 4 litres of water to boil, dissolve the sorghum, honey, rice malt and maltodextrin.
3. Return to boil and add 15g of Saazs hops.
4. After 50 minutes add the Cascade hops.
5. After 10 minutes add 20g Saaz hops, turn off heat.
6. Pour wort into sanitised fermenter, top up to 23 Litres with chilled and/or tap water to achieve a temperature of 15°C.
7. Stir well to aerate wort pitch yeast and add nutrient. Ferment at 15°C.