Hoegaarden White CLONE

Hoegaarden White is a popular Belgian wheat beer that’s big on flavour, with subtle hints of coriander and orange for a crisp, fruity flavour and distinctive aroma.

23 Litre Batch
Mash Tun – All Grain
Est Alc 5.2%
Est IBU’s 33
Est SG: 1.056
Est FG: 1.010

1.5kg German Pilsner grain
1kg Wheat grain
1kg RAW Wheat grain
500g Flaked Oats (Rolled Oats)
Add 14.3 litres of water to your Grainfather and insert inner basket, heat to 71°C. Add grain and stir well. Set temperature to 68°C, attach recirculation arm and recirculate for 45mins. Raise to 72°C and rest for 30 minutes. Raise basket and sparge with 14 litres of 75°C water to make a pre-boil volume of approximately 26 litres.

30g Styrian Goldings (Boil 60min)
1 Whirlfloc tablet (Boil 15min)
20g Coriander seed (Boil 10min)
20g Orange peel (Boil 10min)
Put the coriander seeds in a paper bag and thump them a few times with a rolling pin (or forehead) to get them all crushed. They will add a lot of orange flavour and aroma, at least as much as the orange peel.

Drop in the fermenter. Allow to cool or use a plate chiller. Pitch the Wyeast 3944 Belgian Witbier yeast and ferment at 18-20 degrees for the best result. Allow up to two weeks for fermentation.