Drying is the oldest form of food preservation. Drying meat was probably learned by accident so thank your accident prone ancestors because jerky is an excellent low fat, low sugar snack that can be enjoyed anytime!

300ml water
Jerky Flavouring Powder Mix
4kg meat (any type of lean meat will do)

1. Get your butcher to cut your choice of meat into 4mm thick slices or using a sharp knife and with the meat slightly frozen (not hard frozen) cut the meat yourself into 4mm strips.
2. Add enough of the dry mix to 100ml of water** to form a paste, smooth out any lumps then add the rest of the water** (200ml) and mix.
3. Add 4kg of meat and mix well. Make sure the mix coats all the sides of the meat. Leave in the fridge overnight to marinate.
4. Lay the meat out evenly on the drying trays of your dehydrator* and dry at 60°C. Check progress hourly and rotate the bottom tray to the top until it has reached the desired texture.

*If you don’t have a dehydrator you can use a fan forced oven set to 60°C, you will need to turn the strips over at regular intervals to achieve an even drying of the meat.

**Try experimenting with the recipe by substituting the water for beer or wine.