New Glarus Belgian Red Ale CLONE

Tastes of cherries in abundance, beautiful deep red gold colour with white cap and lacing. An over riding sweetness throughout that compliments the tartness of the fruit. Texture is medium-full with enough carbonation to give a sprightly lift to things.

19L Batch
OG: 1.057
FG: 1.007-1.012
IBU: 8.6

For the mash:
2.27 kg Pale malt
900 g Wheat malt
170 g Crystal 40L malt
15 g Belgian roast barley
4 L Tart Cherry juice (Preservative free)
-Mash grains at 69° C for one hour. Sparge and lauter to collect 19 L.

For the Boil:
30 g Hallertau hops (60 min)
7 g Boiled, toasted oak chips (optional)
-Add hops and boil one hour.

For the Fermentation:
Belgian Wheat yeast or Ale yeast. Wyeast 3463, 3944 or 1056. Safale WB-06 or US-05. MJ M21 or M44
-Chill 19 L wort to fermentation temperature, pitch yeast and ferment at 18° C.
-When terminal gravity has been reached, rack 15 L finished beer onto 4 L cherry juice. Allow secondary fermentation to commence at 20° C for one week or until finished. Chill to 0-2° C if possible and lager for four to six weeks.
-Add oak chips during the last week, if using, but monitor the beer closely, you don’t want too much oak flavor to come through.
-Bottle in heavy Champagne-style 750 mL bottles with 0.75 cup corn sugar per 19 L batch, or keg with moderate to high carbonation.