Traditional Coca-Cola (1886 Recipe)

Coca-Cola was invented by Dr John Pemberton a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia. Concocted as a cure for his addiction to Morphine, the good Doctor eventually sold the rights to the formula in 1888 and died from stomach cancer soon after, still addicted to morphine.


Merchandise 7x Flavour:
25 mL Vodka (use highest alcohol content possible)
2 drops Orange Oil
3 drops Lemon Oil
1 drop Nutmeg Oil
1 drop Coriander Oil
1 drop Bitter Orange Oil
1 drop Cinnamon (Cassia or True Cinnamon) Oil

Original Sugar Syrup Recipe:
9.5g Citric Acid
4g Caffeine extract (substitute with 10mL strong coffee shot)
1.5kg Sugar
1L Water
40mL Lime Juice
3mL Vanilla
Caramel essence/colouring.

1. Mix together all of the ingredients of the Merchandise 7x Flavour. Set this aside in a sealed bottle.
2. Heat the water sugar and caramel in a large pot.
3. Stirring continuously, just until sugar is dissolved.
4. Take off the heat and mix in vanilla, caffeine, lime juice and citric acid. Stir to fully combine.
5. Let sit to cool.

Combine the 7X flavouring to the sugar syrup at a rate of 1.3mL flavouring per 1L of sugar syrup. This makes your concentrated syrup.

When consuming, mix one part syrup with 5 parts chilled carbonated water.