Bombay Sapphire Gin CLONE

Gin has been around for a long time, the gin we know today was in fact derived from an ancient spirit called genever. Bombay Sapphire was first launched in 1987 and is now considered one of the worlds true icon Gin’s.

Makes 2L @ 40%

30g Juniper berries
15g Coriander seed
2g Angelica root
2g Cassia bark
2g Licorice root
4 Almonds
2g Grains of paradise
2g Cubeb berries
0.2g Lemon rind
0.2g Orris root powder
2 Litres of neutral spirit or vodka

Steeping Method
Coarsely grind all ingredients together and steep in 1 litre of white spirit at 40% for 24 hrs.
Add a further 1 litre of 40% white spirit and 3 litres of clean water to make a total of 5 litres.
Strain out the botanicals with a kitchen strainer if you would like a more subtle flavour, otherwise for a more intense flavour leave the botanicals in.
Distill off in a pot still or use a reflux still with all the packing and/or saddles removed from the column.
Discard the first 50 ml.
Dilute the spirit to 45% or above. You can dilute to below 45% but the fusel oils in the spirit may come out of suspension and turn the spirit cloudy.

Vapor infusion method.
Very coarsely grind any large ingredients and collect them all together in a gin basket.
Using an appropriate pot still fit the basket with the botanicals to your still, the ethanol vapor must be able to pass through the botanicals unimpeded.
Run the still, collecting the spirit that has passed through the botanicals.
Dilute down to 40% and enjoy.