weetbix wash (moonshine)

A variant on the simple moonshine recipe, this uses weetbix and all-bran to provide nutrients for the yeast and a little grain flavour to the spirit.

23L Batch
Sg – 1080
FG – 0990

5kg sugar
6 cups crushed weetbix or all-bran (or a combination of both)
1.5 tsp Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts)
75g bakers yeast
1 tsp citric acid

1. Pour sugar into a 30L fermenter and cover sugar with hot water, stir until dissolved.
2. Top up to 23L with cool water to reach a starting temperature of 30c.
3. Mix in all other ingredients and give it a good stir, incorporating in as much oxygen as possible.
4. Fit lid and leave to ferment in a cool part of the house for about a week.
5. Leave a further week after fermentation has completed to allow all sediment to drop out.
6. Transfer to your boiler, making sure to leave all sediment behind.
7. Distil as usual, making sure to discard the first 100ml of methanol.

*This should give you a very clean neutral spirit that will not need carbon filtering.
*Will produce less spirit (but much cleaner) than using Turbo yeasts.